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How To Thrive and be Successful Even with Your Disability

Published on August 10, 2020

Leading a successful life is possible even with a disability. While it’s not an easy feat, you are more than capable of thriving on whatever path you choose. If you are an NDIS participant who would like to get ahead in life, here are some tips to remember when you want to thrive and be successful with your disability.

1. Learn More & Get Inspired

When you’re looking for a job or searching to level up your skills, but you believe your disability might be a hindrance to your progress, just keep researching. Focusing on the negative aspects of your condition can be counterproductive. Instead, do some further, positive research. Find out about people who live with a disability like yours and those who have excelled in their respective careers or lives. There are far more people in the world like you than you think and there are far more people in the world who have overcome incredible obstacles in life than anyone can imagine. 

Try to find some of these inspiring people, maybe follow them on social media, or if they’ve written a book, try reading it to better understand their journey and how they overcame their own obstacles. Maybe you’ll find some gems of inspiration to start you on your own path.

Just keep learning, inspiring yourself and eventually, you’ll thrive.

2. Focus on a Skill or Career that Works Well with Your Condition

Research and learn more about your condition and what skills or career paths that could be compatible with your condition. Depending on your situation, you might want to start with a low-stress job with a defined set of responsibilities, a fixed schedule or a calm environment. Find something you enjoy, that allows you to grow at your own pace and to discover even more skills. Start small and later on you can gradually take up new duties and responsibilities. 

Always remember to give yourself time and space to learn and make mistakes. There’s no one true path in life and everyone has their own journey to travel. Just don’t stress trying to be perfect. The road to success is paved with mistakes, so let yourself make them and just make sure you’re having fun along the way. Having a job is important but don’t sacrifice your health or happiness for the sake of success.

The Making Tracks program offered by OnTrack Tasmania helps you build confidence and improve your life skills in a fun and safe environment. Whether you want to be the world’s next celebrity chef or an e-games expert, we’ve got your back and we’ll help you chase your dreams.

3. Focus on Your Strengths

Sometimes it can be hard to focus on your strengths. What might take minutes for you could take hours for somebody else. But everyone has their own unique strengths. Maybe sit with a close friend, family member or co-ordinator and try to list your strengths and the things you’re good at. You might be a people person, a great listener and know how to make people feel good about themselves, or you could be a creative genius with a flair for imagining new opportunities and ideas. 

Write it all down.

Then try to list possible ways you could help share those strengths with the world. Find a way to tap into them and see yourself excel. Asking those around you for support in doing this or asking how to best achieve this can be a good start.

Making Tracks is that one NDIS program that appreciates and hones your strengths so that you can set yourself apart from other people. While you can do these things on your own, setting yourself up for success takes time and you may need additional support. At OnTrack Tasmania, we offer NDIS participants with the Making Tracks program, which allows you to achieve your dreams and make the most out of your life. Learn a new skill, boost your career or start your own business – we can help you excel in a judgment-free and safe environment. Switch now to OnTrack Tasmania – call us up at 03 9007 0593 or visit our website to learn more.