Get onboard with Making Tracks

Making Tracks allows participants to develop a number of core skills through fun and engaging activerties.

What is Making Tracks?

Making Tracks is a trail-blazing program that offers an ever growing variety of programs and activities which allow participants to engage in a safe, calming and supportive environment.

Currently making Tracks is located in the center of the Glenorchy CBD allowing for participants to have access to all the essential services while they are having fun and engaging with their supports.

Making Tracks Calendar
To book a Making Tracks session phone 1800 ONTRACK and select option 3 for Community Access.

More Choice, More Fun

Here’s just some of the awesome activities you could be doing right now



Participants are able to partake into some friendly competition and engage by playing a multitude of different games. We even offer the opportunity to record, share and stream playing sessions!


Participants are able to jam out and learn how to play different instruments in our music space. We offer instruments such as guitars, drums and vocals to create a wide range of different musicals experiences for our participants.


Cooking allows for participants to work through the different stages of food preparation including meal selection, shopping list preparation, purchasing of groceries, cooking and most importantly eating!


Arts and Crafts

Participants get the chance to be creative and bring out their inner artist with our arts and crafts programs. Participants are able to use various artistic outlets such as clay, paints and more

Audio and Video:

Participants are able to learn a number of computer skills, with a focus towards development of audio and visual projects that they are free to share with the world!

More to come

With OnTrack Tasmania ever growing we will be able to offer more programs for all of our particpants to enjoy.

To book a Making Tracks session phone 1800 ONTRACK and select option 3 for Community Access.