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Community Participation and Mentoring Support

Learn With A Mentor And Community

We’ll pair you with the right mentor and find a community of like-minded individuals who share your interests.

Your OnTrack Mentors

Mentoring support is powerful and can empower you with all the tools you need to live a better life.

Our experienced staff are dedicated to guiding and supporting you to gain valuable understanding, develop new skills, and overcome challenges.

Whether you are seeking

  • personal growth,
  • professional development or
  • navigating through life transitions

Our staff are here to empower and inspire you to navigate social environments and gain independence.

How We Help You

There are many ways we can support you to live better. Some common mentoring supports include:

  • companionship
  • forming and maintaining friendships
  • community connection (including using public transport and attending events)
  • getting a driver’s license
  • finding volunteering and employment opportunities
  • enrolling for a course with an educational institution
  • recording your own music
  • digital literacy skills
  • and so much more

Making Tracks

Build your confidence and socialise with like-minded individuals through a wide range of engaging activities and support services.

Through our innovative Making Tracks program, you can develop essential life skills, build meaningful connections, and enjoy a sense of accomplishment. You can participate in activities such as

  • sports,
  • music,
  • art,
  • crafts,
  • cooking,
  • gaming,
  • movie nights,
  • social night,
  • karaoke, and
  • digital literacy.

Participants Say

Be inspired as you read through the stories of those who have benefited from their time with us.
  • Tania

    Community Access Participant

    When I first came to OnTrack I had never really painted in my life and I surprised myself. Mum has said to me “we have got an artist in the family.” [Art] gives me an opportunity to get out and do something for myself and for the community and I enjoy coming here and meeting new friends.

  • Erin

    Community Access Participant

    Today we made pasta from scratch and I like eating pasta. [I enjoy the cooking class because I like] spending time with other friends, you make good friends here. I do a lot of cooking at home now. I like to make chocolate cake from scratch.

  • Donny

    Supported Accommodation and Community Access Participant

    I normally get [community access] support two days a week. I play cricket and go to Hyperdrive. I have a big TV in my bedroom so I can watch cricket games and YouTube and have a play station to play games. Come to OnTrack Tasmania they will help you out.

  • Tom

    Community Access Participant and Sports Program Leader

    We pick what we want to do. Sometimes we go to mini-golf, basketball, cricket, soccer. We get to know each other everyone joins in and we always have fun. I reckon OnTrack is the best to come because they do more stuff than other companies do.

  • Andi

    Digital Literacy Participant

    I attend Digital Literacy class every Thursday and I like it because the program leader is very approachable, knowledgable and lets me ask questions. I have learned coding, setting up a computer within a computer system, instant website AI build in 3 minutes, geo-location and GPS, ChatGPT and generating QR codes for my social links.

  • Luke

    Digital Literacy Participant

    [The Digital Literacy Program (DLP)] gives people the opportunity to learn how to use computers and get confident at it. I feel more confident with using computers whereas I was hesitant in the past. My internet searching skills have improved like finding information online. Moreover, the DLP leader has been a good teacher. The way she explains things, she talks in an easy-to-understand language and has good communication skills. I’m happy with what I have achieved.

  • David

    Community Access Participant

    It’s good to know that I can do something. It’s good to be able to get out in the community. I would never be putting myself out there as much if it wasn’t for OnTrack Tasmania. I had never been to Karaoke and the holiday [to Gold Coast] I was on recently I wouldn’t be able to go to that without OnTrack. A lot of Autistic people like me, you wouldn’t get them to do half the stuff I was doing, you wouldn’t get them to go to Karaoke, part of Autism is it’s difficult to socialise and they can’t help it I guess but I want to encourage everyone that they can do it.

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