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Support Coordination

Need Help Understanding The NDIS?

We will help you to feel in control of your plan
and get the right support from your funding.

How Will We Support You?

Our team of dedicated support coordinators work with NDIS Participants to access services to meet their goals in their NDIS plan and enable them to have greater access to the community.

Our Support Coordinators will work with you to:

  • understand your plan
  • connect with supports and services and exercise choice and control
  • use your plan to meet your individual needs
  • set up supports and services, including helping you to understand service agreements and service bookings
  • review your support arrangements and make changes where necessary
  • plan in advance for potential crisis situations
  • manage your plan and connections with supports and services
  • plan and prepare for your plan reassessment.

OnTrack Tasmania Support

We offer two levels of support to NDIS Participants.

Level 2

Coordination of Supports

Our support coordinators will work with you to direct your life, not just your services. We will assist you in building the skills you need to understand and use your plan.

This includes:

  • assist in planning supports within your NDIS plan and budget
  • ensuring a mix of supports is used to increase your capacity to build and maintain relationships
  • making referrals to services that will help you to live independently
  • helping you to alter your plan to meet further challenges
  • helping you to get additional funding when needed
  • developing a resilient network for you.

Level 3

Specialist Support Coordination

Our support coordinators will help remove barriers so you can access appropriate support.

Specialist support coordinators will:

  • assist in planning supports within your NDIS plan and budget
  • making referrals to services
  • help you to reduce challenges in your support environment, connecting you with a broader support network
  • negotiate support solutions with multiple stakeholders/service providers to achieve effective plan implementation
  • help manage crisis points with you, and support you to access relevant supports during a crisis.
  • assist you in developing a resilient network

Work with Us

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