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OnTrack Tasmania’s Inclusive Programs Offer Opportunities for Capacity Building

Published on January 22, 2024

OnTrack Tasmania is proud to announce the expansion of its Making Tracks programs to provide more opportunities for people living with a disability to develop essential skills. Operating in southern Tasmania, the registered NDIS provider is now offering music classes five days a week with the cooking and art programs set to expand soon.

The music program is led by Pradeep who brings with him a wealth of knowledge and passion for music. The program provides a platform for participants to express themselves and build their skills in music. It offers a variety of musical instruments and resources available at its music studio, including guitar, drums, piano, singing and songwriting. The program is designed to be inclusive, and weekly reviews are conducted to track progress and review learning plans.

The cooking program, led by Anup, a highly qualified chef from Nepal, will be expanding to four days a week. Anup has structured the classes to be informative and engaging, aiming to develop basic and advanced cooking skills, including food handling, mixing ingredients, baking, cooking, communication in the kitchen and teamwork. Participants receive a briefing on what they will be making on the day before proceeding to learn how to prepare ingredients, chop, cook, serve, and clean up. The program emphasises the importance of cooking, cleaning, and hygiene, and teaches participants how to cook different foods safely and effectively.

OnTrack Tasmania recently hired an additional art program leader, Billy, to expand the program to five days a week. Billy has over 13 years of experience in mural art, textile design and graphic design. He has a diverse skill set and is proficient in different painting and drawing styles, materials, and techniques such as sketching, gouache, decorative painting, fashion illustration, tie-dyeing, batik art and embroidery. The program is designed to be welcoming and supportive, tailored to the needs and goals of each participant and focused on building connections, fostering socialisation and boosting confidence.

OnTrack Tasmania’s expanded programs are designed to provide NDIS participants with opportunities to develop essential life skills, express themselves, and experience a sense of accomplishment. The programs are inclusive, accessible, and led by talented and passionate program leaders. Other capacity-development programs include Sports, Digital Literacy, Gaming, Karaoke, Movie Nights, Social Nights, Social Barbecues and Young Guns Lunches. Visit the OnTrack Tasmania website to find out how you or a loved one can join the programs or call 1800 668 722.

[Image description – From left to right: Making Tracks program leaders Pradeep, Billy and Anup.]