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From Support to Self-Sufficiency: Gabe’s Journey to Independence in Supported Accommodation

Published on August 22, 2023

Gabe is a creative and kind National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participant who embarked on a life-changing journey three years ago when he joined OnTrack Tasmania. With a passion for designing ‘Retro’ computer games, making music, photography, playing video games and watching YouTube, Gabe’s talents and interests have blossomed under the supportive environment provided by OnTrack Tasmania.  

Gabe has exhibited exceptional creativity and a keen eye for design. His passion for designing ‘Retro’ computer games has allowed him to express his artistic abilities and immerse himself in a world of imagination. Additionally, Gabe’s talent in making music, particularly as a competent drummer and keyboard player, has given him a sense of fulfillment and allowed him to explore his passion for rhythm and melody. His photography skills have also enabled him to capture and document the world around him, showcasing his unique perspective and creative vision. Gabe’s diverse interests and talents have been instrumental in shaping his journey towards independence. 

When Gabe first engaged OnTrack Tasmania, he required support in various areas to navigate his daily life. One of his primary support needs was transportation. Initially, Gabe relied on support workers to transport him to his desired destinations. However, with the guidance and assistance provided by his support workers, Gabe gradually gained the skills and confidence necessary to travel independently. Today, he catches the bus without any assistance, showcasing his remarkable progress in transportation independence. “I was not catching the bus at all before but now I am,” Gabe says. 

OnTrack Tasmania offers a wide range of support services specifically tailored to NDIS participants like Gabe. The person-centered approach ensures that each person’s unique needs and aspirations are addressed, enabling them to live a fulfilling and independent life. From assistance with transportation and daily living skills to educational support and social engagement, OnTrack Tasmania provides comprehensive support to empower people with a disability to thrive.  

Gabe’s dedication and hard work in college have not gone unnoticed. He is in his final year, studying Computer Graphics and Design, Game Development, and Theatre Technician. Gabe has consistently demonstrated his commitment to his studies and his determination to succeed. Through the support provided by OnTrack Tasmania, Gabe has navigated the challenges of college life and excelled academically.  

Gabe’s passion for music has found a home at the Glenorchy Music Hub. This exceptional program, offered by OnTrack Tasmania, has provided Gabe with a platform to showcase his musical talents and connect with fellow music enthusiasts. “A music thing I’m working on every so often … write down a song, record it and it goes into the album,” he says. Attending the music program twice a week, Gabe has been able to further develop his skills as a drummer and keyboard player. The Glenorchy Music Hub and Gaming program have offered Gabe a space to express himself and facilitated the formation of lasting friendships and a sense of belonging.  

Looking ahead, Gabe is determined to achieve his goals for the future. His aspirations include completing college and ultimately securing his own place to call home. “My current goals are to move out and start living independently, move to Melbourne, settle there, take a gap year, and then go to [university],” Gabe says. With the ongoing support and guidance from OnTrack Tasmania, Gabe is confident in his ability to turn these dreams into a reality. “Before I used to not be confident in my independent living skills, I didn’t have much experience with living independently and now I feel like if I was to move out I would do pretty decently I think,” he says. 

Gabe’s journey to independence is a testimony of the transformative power of supported living for NDIS participants. Through the dedicated support and guidance of OnTrack Tasmania, Gabe has been able to unlock his talents, pursue his passions, and develop the necessary skills to live independently. From transportation independence to academic achievements and involvement in the Glenorchy Music Hub, Gabe’s story exemplifies the profound impact that supported living can have on individuals with a disability.