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David and Jamie’s Unforgettable Gold Coast Adventure: A Dream Come True

Published on September 26, 2023

Imagine the excitement of planning a long-awaited holiday to the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland. For David and Jamie, two OnTrack Tasmania participants, this dream became a reality thanks to their dedicated support worker, Rob, and the careful planning of OnTrack Tasmania Community Access manager, Peter.

To ensure they had the funds for their holiday, David and Jamie took the proactive step of opening a savings account. For 4-6 months, they diligently set aside $250 each month, demonstrating their determination and commitment to making their dream vacation a reality.

Peter played a crucial role in making their Gold Coast trip a smooth and enjoyable experience. He offered them various accommodation options, and after careful consideration, they chose a hotel in the heart of Surfer’s Paradise – the perfect base for exploring the vibrant city.

With the accommodation sorted, David and Jamie eagerly planned their itinerary. They selected attractions that piqued their interest, and Peter handled all the online bookings for their chosen activities. Their adventure began early, departing from Hobart at 6:05 a.m., filled with anticipation and excitement for the journey ahead.

Upon their arrival in Queensland, they were greeted by the warm, welcoming weather that the Gold Coast is famous for. Their accommodation at Narrowneck Court Holiday Apartments offered them a breath-taking view that set the stage for their memorable vacation.

The Adventure Unfolds:

Day 1: Their first day was spent exploring the Pacific Fair shopping centre, followed by a relaxing lunch. They made a stop at Aldi to stock up on groceries and indulged in some fun at Timezone, where David’s skills shone as he conquered the Claw machines.

Day 2: The thrill-seekers in them took centre stage as they visited Dreamworld. They experienced the exhilarating Sky Voyager and a roller coaster ride. While Jamie braved the Giant Drop ride twice, David’s initiation to roller coasters came with the Taipan, a nerve-wracking experience that left him sticking to milder attractions like Tiger Island and Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum.

Day 3: The superheroes in them emerged as they visited Movie World, reveling in a Wonder Woman show. They even braved the log ride, although David found it a tad scarier when it went backward. Drifting car shows and a visit to the Surfers Paradise Night Markets added a touch of nightlife to their adventure.

Day 4: A trip to the Australia Zoo brought them face-to-face with crocodiles, kangaroos, and a variety of exotic animals. The day was capped off with a thrilling visit to Dracula’s, a vampire-themed theatre, where they enjoyed a 3-course dinner while being entertained by a cast of talented performers.

Day 5: SeaWorld was next on their list, complete with boat rides, water guns, and a heart-warming encounter with seals. Their day was made even more special when they met their favorite superheroes at Movie World.

Day 6: The trip concluded with a visit to the Butterfly House at Carrara Markets, a serene garden filled with fluttering butterflies that provided the perfect ending to their adventure.

Their unforgettable holiday taught them several valuable lessons, which they eagerly shared as advice to others. To fellow NDIS participants, they urged not to be shy to venture out and explore new horizons. As for holiday planning, they stressed the importance of sunscreen, having a well-organized itinerary, being prepared for lots of walking, and embracing new adventures.

David and Jamie’s Gold Coast holiday was a testament to the power of dreams, determination, and support. OnTrack Tasmania’s commitment to helping NDIS participants live life to the fullest was vividly exemplified in this remarkable journey of two friends who experienced the magic of the Gold Coast like never before.