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Three Levels Of Support Suitable For Any NDIS Participant.

ndis support coordination services

Support Coordination

We'll help you get access to all sorts of funding. Whether through mainstream or informal methods, we'll help you fund your supports. Focused on maintaining relationships with service providers and resolve quality of service issues.

support coordination
ndis cooordiantion of supports services

Coordination of Supports

We'll help you get funding when it comes to complex services. Usually, this involves resolving points of crisis and developing a resilient network for you. Coordination of Supports (CoS) helps you get support capacity from a range of sources.

coordination of supports
ndis community access

Specialist Coordination

We also offer time-limited assistance. Usually, this is for people with complex needs. Specialist Support Coordination focuses on addressing barriers to support. This aims to reduce the complexity of the service and build resilient supports.

ndis specialist coordination services

Switch From An Outdated NDIS Provider, To One That Offers Quality Support – OnTrack Tasmania

You'll receive access to a range of benefits with us:

Activate Plan

Reduce the complexity of getting set up with your plan. We'll do it for you.

Manage Services

We'll help you manage new and existing services whenever you'd like.

Optimise Spend

Whether it's appointments or going to events with you. We'll go where you go.

Manage Flexibility

Manage the flexibility of your plan so there's space for opportunities.

Address Barriers

We'll help you get past barriers to entry for activities you'd like to do.

Resolve Issues

We'll help resolve any issues that pop up regarding your services.

Change Tastes

If you want to try something new, we can help you change services.

Minimise Risk

We'll reduce your risk of unsafe activities and promote protective ones.

Update Reviews

We'll review your plan regularly to see if it's compliant and up to date.

NDIS Support Coordination Price Guide

Level 1

Level 1: Support Connection



Level 2

Level 2: Coordination of Supports



Level 3

Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination



Travel Charges

The NDIS has specific rule how travel ought to be calculated and charged to participants. Travel arrangements are discussed with participants prior to signing service agreements and reflect the current terms of business as identified in the current price guide.

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