Finally, A Tasmanian NDIS Provider that offers you a range of FUN activities that you actually want to do!

Making Tracks is a trailblazing program that allows Tasmanians on the NDIS to access fun new services that build confidence and foster life skills.

Don’t Put Your Life On Hold A Second Longer

Life is short and your happiness depends on being able to do the things you want, when you want. You’ve got a vision of the life you want to live and you’ve been searching for someone to help you do it.

All too often Service Providers claim to have loads of fantastic activities. But when it comes to the crunch, all they offer is the same old boring things leaving you feeling frustrated and disappointed.

You’ve been crying out for the opportunity to do things you love but it feels like no-one is listening.

Imagine if there was a provider in Tasmania that puts your interests first?

Someone that cares enough to find out what you want to do and is prepared to do the hard yards to make it happen.

Well finally someone’s listening!

making tracks ndis program
making tracks ndis sessions

It’s Time to Have Fun
and Be Happy

Introducing Making Tracks, a great new program that allows you to do the exciting things you’ve always dreamt about.

Maybe you’d like to be a masterchef, a gaming legend or even a rockstar?

Whatever it is, you’ll have the chance to build skills and explore your creativity in a safe, judgement-free environment.

And if you’re one of those people who likes to get your stuff out there so the world can see how brilliant you are?

No problem, we’ve got you covered!

Hold an art exhibition, invite your friends to a gourmet tasting or upload a track you’ve made to YouTube. The possibilities are endless.

More Choice, More Fun

Here’s just some of the awesome activities you could be doing right now

Take an art class

Find your creative spark and light up the world. Paint, sketch or sculpt your own masterpiece.

Record Your Own Music

Belt out a ballad, lay down some beats or ramp up the amps with some hard rock.

Start a Video Log

Choose a topic, start vlogging and watch your influence grow.

Play off in Gaming Tournaments

Compete, post huge numbers and win awards. Fly solo or join a team and become a gaming legend.

Join a Rock Band

Get together with other rockers and have a blast!

Take a Cooking Class

Shop ingredients, follow recipes, eat delicious food and wash up. Post photos online and watch the foodies flock.

How do I Access
Fun New Activities

ndis intake session booking

Book An Intake Session

We’ll discuss what you’d like to do, explain the rules of the program and make sure you’re happy to proceed.

ndis service booking

Make Your First Active Service Booking

All activity sessions are by appointment only.

ndis program leader appointment

Meet Your Activity Program Leader

You can choose to work with Your On Track support worker 1 to 1 or work with program leaders on a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio.

ndis making tracks appointment

Start Doing the Things You Like

Fulfill lifelong dreams and make great friends along the way.

5 Reasons Why Making Tracks
is a better choice

You get access a wide range of fun activities not available through other providers

You’ll have the freedom to express your creativity and build your skills in a safe, judgement-free environment

You can choose to work with your existing Support Worker or with our Program Activity Specialists.

Enjoy the flexibility to change to another activity whenever you want

You get more value from your NDIS spend by doing activities you actually like

Act now and live a fuller,
happier life today

Hurry spaces are limited. Just fill in your details to organise your Making
Tracks induction session today.