OnTrack Tasmania 
is excited to be launching it’s very first exhibition, 
titled A Masked World; an event representing feelings of isolation, 
community and care whilst living through Covid 19. 
This pandemic has affected nearly everyone on the planet; 
and even though everyone may have experienced the same event, 
our personal experiences are unique.


What is a Masked Worlds?

A Masked World is group exhibition that will showcase works from OnTrack Tasmania participants 
who practice a range of disciplines in the Making Tracks Art Program. This exhibit focuses on the impacts of COVID.

When is A Worlds happening?

A Masked Worlds will be held from 15 January 2021 until 28 January 2021. This is to give everyone the chance to reflect on the year that has just pasted and to look forward to the events that will be happening throughout 2021.

Where will A Masked World be?

After rigorous evaluations OnTrack Tasmania has decided to host this event at the Salamanca Art Centre in the Long Gallery, located in the middle of Salamanca.

Types of Art

What will be on show:


Participants express themselves by making clay and paper mâché masks.


Working with the stroke of a brush our participants will be have a range of painted images.

Digital Print

Allows for our participants to express themselves through photos and share the face behind the masks.


Presenting different expericence of our particpants through video interviews.


Participants work on developing art that can be experienced through senses such as touch.


This is where participants are able to express themselves through the spoken word and break the barriers of language